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Our Bleed Control Kits will prepare anyone, anywhere to save a life.



Encounter Defense Kit

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Our Encounter Defense Kit provides you with a formidable cache of deterrents that will aid in your defense and survival should you be presented with the need to fight back. As ALWAYS, the first option when confronted with an active shooter is to safely run and get out of the building. If that is impossible, lockdown/hide is your other option. Once secure behind a locked and barricaded door, there is always the chance that your area will be breached by the shooter. Our Encounter Defense Survival Kit is designed to give you a fighting chance by providing powerful incapacitating and diverting options that enable you to distract, disrupt and disorient with tools used by the pros. For every 1.7 seconds a shooter is distracted, you can advance 3-5 feet out the door, or disable him long enough for you to walk out alive. Equipped in a durable duffle-bag, you have an arsenal of encounter and defense products.


  • 1 – Portable Security Door Jammer – adjustable for carpeted or hard floors, this device offers an efficient and simple way to secure a door and prevent access (directions included)
  • 2 - X-Steam Defense Range Spray, used by corrections and police throughout the U.S. it provides multiple sprays ranging 15-17 feet. Non-flammable and non-toxic, these two canisters provide serious self-defense capabilities. (directions included)
  • 1 – Green High-Power Hunting Laser, this laser powerfully reaches a distance in excess of 1,000 meters. It offers a safety lock, battery operated and rechargeable (batteries not included). A great distraction that can be easily operated from a safe distance. (directions included)
  • 1 – Expandable Baton, 26” overall when fully extended, heavy-duty black steel, rubberized, ridged handle for superior grip, this impact tool made of the highest quality material, easy to carry and deploys rapidly into action with a quick snap of the wrist. Comes with a heavy-duty nylon pouch
  • 1 - Emergency Escape Window Glass Hammer Breaker, if there is a window you can escape from, this tool will allow you to break through with little effort and help you to escape to safety
  • 2 – pair of leather palm gloves, XL
  • 2 – pair of safety goggles, adjustable, fits over most prescription glasses, perforated sides for cooling airflow, soft flexible vinyl with polycarbonate lens. Protect eyes from shattering glass
  • 1 – Loud 120 decibel horn that will be heard from up to a mile away. Compact, pocket size, powered by non-flammable aerosol for safe discharge, made with high quality non-corrosive components
  • 2 – rolls of duct tape, 2” x 60 yards
  • 2 – Golden copper stainless emergency whistles
  • 12- Survive The Madness round stress balls, a harmless tool that can easily deflect and distract (glass bowl not included)

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