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Survive the Madness is here to make a difference in your survival should you be involved in an active shooter event. Critical care kits, progressive training, and proven risk management strategies are just some of what we offer to business and industry, our communities, schools, and civic venues.

It is a proven fact: what you don’t prepare for can literally kill you.

Data shows us that while 75% of the injuries sustained during an active shooter event are survivable, we are DYING at a far more escalated rate. We can help to change the odds in your favor.

Contact Survive The Madness; you need the information we offer. It’s a new world out there … best we be ready.

Empower Yourself

Are You Prepared To Save Yourself and Your Employees?

Many of us believed that the active shooter phenomenon would be a passing thing; tragedies we would endure and later move away from. It didn’t go that way. 

As active shooter incidents and fatalities continue to surge, it has become clear that we need to learn more to HELP OURSELVES survive the attacks that are gaining frequency and intensity.

Our goal is to turn innocent bystanders into First Responders. We do this by addressing the biggest cause of death after an active shooter event; bleeding out. 

With over a decade in the survival and preparedness industry, I am honored to be the recipient of a Certificate of Commendation by the City of Los Angeles for my work in educating the public.

Certified by ALICE, trained by the City of Los Angeles RHF program, Survive The Madness prides itself on providing the highest quality Bleed Control Kits and superior Risk-Management Consulting.  

With gun violence being one of the leading causes of death in the United States, the odds seem to be stacked against us.

We’re here to help change the odds.

Our Mission Statement

Survive The Madness strives to educate, enable and empower every employer, all communities, schools, universities, private sector and civic entities in ways that can increase the chance of survival when faced with the impending violence of an active shooter event, and provide superior Stop The Bleed training/kits.

We do this by offering critical care kits, survival training and strategies, sensible solutions, and resources. Our product line will aid in the survival of those in your care in the event of active shooter situations, domestic terrorism, and assault.

Our Politics

We are often asked what our political stand is. We believe that when it comes to the killing of innocents, it’s not about politics, it’s about our responsibility, our humanity, and our accountability, both legally and morally. We are all just people wanting to live out our lives. Bullets don’t discriminate. Neither do we.

Our Story

Our Story

Work With Us

Work With Us